Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Reflections (or the year that sucked for everyone but me...)

If you ask most people how they remember 2016 they will tell you it was a shit storm of a year. Bowie died then so did 1/2 of Hollywood, Trump was elected, the bathroom laws blew was a pretty crappy year for a lot of people. And from a pop culture and social perspective I felt that too. Still, that being said I truly can't hate on 2016 too much because it was a pretty great year for me personally.

2016 started with me finally getting out of Xerox and back where I belong in child care and with my wonderful girlfriend proposing to me. Most of the year was a roller coaster of picking the right date and then moving it then moving it back then moving it again then changing the location and finally planning it. It was stressful and did cause a set back to other goals I had for myself (like school) but in the end I had the most perfect wedding I could ever imagine.

2016 is also the year that I moved back to a town I love and into the most beautiful apartment I can even imagine. I love my home and how we have it set up. I can't imagine a better place to call home. It's beyond perfect.

Sure, 2016 was a year of change, ups, downs, and I can tell you my life is different now than I ever thought it would be. If 2015 forced me to grow up then 2016 forced me to learn how to have a family of my own. And I wouldn't change a thing.

So yes, I am glad 2016 is over...but only because now I get to start my happily ever after. And let me tell you, I truly can't wait to see what 2017 holds!

2017 Resolutions...

I know it's a day late but here's my 2017 Resolutions...

...but 1st let's review 2016's...

-Get back to eating and healthy and lost weight. Seriously. I don’t want to get sick again.

OK that one was a bust but it's a new year and I can still make this happen

-Finish school or at least start or be ready to start student teaching

OK...not quite...had a couple of set backs...but I'm back on track.

-Be the best girlfriend possible and make this a great year for my amazing girlfriend

I asked Shannon about this and she said I more than achieved it. And hey...she married me!

-Grow the fuck up and work on being less selfish. Become a better person.

Shannon said I achieved this too. I choose to believe her.

-Get in a comfortableish position financially

It's a work in progress but we're doing ok.

Now for this year...

- Seriously...get back to eating healthy and lose weight. For real this time.

- Progress in school

- Adopt my beautiful daughter so she is legally mine

- Be a good wife and live up to my vows

- Be in a better place next year on this date than I am today.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Reflections (or the Year of Shannon)...

Reflecting on this past year is like reflecting on a whole other person. When I started 2015 I was still in the position of a kid, living at home, lonely, and I thought I was ok with all that…till I found out I wasn’t.

My longtime best friend Shannon finally moved to Texas in Feb. after 14 long years of trying to convince her. I honestly figured she’d get here and once the newness of having her here wore off we’re each go our own ways…hang out a lot of course…but ultimately have our own lives. That isn’t at all what happened. Once she was here the ‘newness’ never wore off. The more time we were together the more time I wanted with her.

I spent most of the year thinking I was in love with a boy I couldn’t have…until it finally became so very clear it wasn’t him I was in love with him…I was in love with Shannon. And blessed Aphrodite, she actually loved me too.

It took me 8 months to finally admit it but once I did things have never been the same.

Although thing haven’t been the same since I moved out of my mom’s. After a bit of a rough patch with my mom I ended up moving in with Shannon and then we ended up getting our own apartment.

Yeah, I guess I did things backwards…I moved in with her, got a joint bank account, and then we got together.

In the end I ended up with a girlfriend, a stepdaughter, and a need to grow up I never had. I’m still adjusting to it all but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m happier than I ever knew I could be and that’s all because of Shannon. I guess 2015 was the year of Shannon and I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings as we embark on our first full year together. I’ve never been so in love and things are only going to get better.

Happy New Year!!!!


2016 Resolutions...

It’s that time again! Resolutions!

First, let’s reflect on this past year’s…

~Get through school far enough that I can be student teaching by fall or spring.

This didn’t happen but I did continue to advance now I’m to my teaching courses and should be teaching by this upcoming fall or next spring.

~Advance in my job

Eh..I changed jobs from when I wrote this…

~Get back on track with my eating habits and get back to getting healthy.

This was a success the 1st half of the year. Then it fell apart…

~Pay off my car

Success! Its all mine! It needs some repairs now but it’s allllll mine!!!!!

~learn to skate

Success. I’m damn good at basic skating. Now I just need to get more advanced.

~Meet a hockey player

Uh, successs? I met MANY hockey players and have even actually hung out with a couple to the point that they know me. Who would have thought?

~Try to advance the podcast and the JoF brand even more this year.

Hasn’t happen yet. But will. Oh it will.

Now for my 2016 resolutions…

-Get back to eating and healthy and lost weight. Seriously. I don’t want to get sick again.

-Finish school or at least start or be ready to start student teaching

-Be the best girlfriend possible and make this a great year for my amazing girlfriend

-Grow the fuck up and work on being less selfish. Become a better person.

-Get in a comfortableish position financially

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Open Letter to San Antonio Rampage Fans...

To the fans of the San Antonio Rampage:

Hello from Cedar Park. I am one of your counterparts just up I-35…a Texas Stars fan. I, like yourself, love my team with all my heart. I go to their games. I cheer for them. I yell. I scream. I support my boys through thick and thin, just as I suspect you do yours. I am a hockey fan. I love the game. I love the smell. I love the feel. I love everything about it. I especially love the rivalries. That’s where you come in. We are each other’s biggest rivals. It’s compounded even more so now by the fact your parent team is the Avs…a rival of our parent team. The I-35 rivalry is a thing of beauty. It bleeds to the ice and results in some great hockey and a bit of fans chirping each other. And that is fun. That is part of the game. But seriously guys, when you’re taking part in the rivalry festivities, especially in our arena, have some class.

I have had two very negative experiences with Rampage fans and it all comes from a lack of class. The first was last season when several Stars fans, myself included, went to San Antonio for a game. I tried to be a classy guest. I kept my area clean, I didn’t trash talk the Rampage goalie in his house, I cheered my team without trash talking the surrounding fans in their home. I thought that all the Texas fans showed class for the most part. It was the Rampage fans that did not. As the game winded down and it was clear we were about to win we were excited and cheering. That’s when a Rampage fan started to throw ice at one of the Stars fans in our group. My best friend told him to stop and leave her alone and he started cussing her out. We did nothing to him. We weren’t even bashing on the Rampage. We were simply cheering our team. It was classless and uncalled for. Simply, it was poor sportsmanship.

Tonight was the 2nd of the aforementioned experiences. This one took place in our house…the Cedar Park Center. A few rows behind us were some Rampage fans cheering their boys on. I didn’t like it but I ignored them. They had every right to be there supporting their boys. It was fine. Then they started trashing our goalie. I’m sorry, you DO NOT trash talk a goalie in his own house. You just don’t. Campbell was in his net, in his house…have some respect. After that it escalated and they started trash talking us, which I gave right back because of the disrespect and classlessness of it all. Then, the icing on the cake, when we scored a game clinching goal late in the 3rd the Rampage fans got up and left (way to abandon your boys before the end btw) and as they did dumped an almost full bucket of popcorn on me. Classy.

Look, I have no problems with rivalries, as I said. They can be fun, but have some class and dignity about it. I realize that this is a hard concept for some Rampage fans. I’m from the Valley. I understand that south of San Marcos isn’t exactly known for class or dignity, but somehow some of us managed to escape with some. It can be done. And I know your team is owned by the Spurs. The NBA isn’t exactly known for its class these days either…but this is still hockey and as hockey fans we’re better than that. I also realize your lead goalie, Calvin Pickard, has no class himself as was apparent by the way he chose to carry himself at our arena this past Wednesday…but don’t follow his example. At the end of the day we’re all hockey fans with a passion for the game and love for our respective teams. If nothing else we can agree on that. Hockey is a nitch thing in the States and we are a community, regardless of whom we chose to support. So, let’s stop throwing shit at each other, gain some sportsmanship, stop trash talking goalies in their house, and watch some hockey y’all!

A loyal and true Texas Stars Fan

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Best Weekend Ever...

Two blogs in one weekend. I know this is unusual but I needed to put into writing this weekend so I never forget it.

This has been an incredibly amazing weekend full of amazing stuff. I’m gonna break it down by day because that seems logical.

Friday- Well I shared that in the last blog. That was my Great Titus Adventure.

Saturday- After having an amazing massage in the morning I got a wonderful nap in the afternoon and went to a hockey game at night. My team won in a 4-0 shutout including 2 blocked penalty shots!!!! After the game I got to get my Calder Cup mini banner signed by the team…which equates to actually meeting the team! OMG let me just say that Curtis McKenzie and Jussi Rynnas are two of the funniest guys ever. And Jack Campbell is one of the sweetest! And Travis Morin, Max Fortunus, and Jurki Jokkapaka were amazingly nice too…basically the most talented players on the team were the nicest. Not to mention hottest. I don't know who was hotter, Campbell, McKenzie, Rynnas, or Jokkapaka...sorry...I'm a woman...I noticed the gorgeous men in front of me. Anyway, almost the whole team was just amazingly nice. Thank you Texas Stars for an amazing and memorable experience!!!

Sunday- I wake up and file my taxes. I have been getting just less than 1000 for the last couple years now. But now I’m a student. That paid off when I found out I’m getting more than 3000 back this year!!!! Guess who is getting a pink hockey jersey?! This girl! After that I go to book a flight to go to GA so I can help my bestie move down here. I expect a fare of about 135 since that is what that flight has been everytime I look. Nope. I get on to book and the flight I want, nonstop, earliest of the day…$99 thank you very much! Really?! Just…wow! I love it!

I don't know if this is a good karma pay off or a shift in the universe or someone cast a good luck spell on me or just a series of random events...either way I am beyond grateful for all the wonderful stuff that has happened this weekend and I don't want to take a moment of it for granted. I am extremely grateful and praise Zeus for his love and sending good my way. I sincerely feel beyond blessed at the amazing experiences I'm having this weekend and I don't want to forget to be grateful. Take nothing for granted cause the good never lasts so enjoy and celebrate each moment. 

I just am in awe of what a wonderful weekend this has been! Thank you Gods for everything!

Love to all,


Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Christopher Titus Adventure

In my short 30 years I have had the chance to meet some cool celebrities between my role as a junior reporter, comic fan, and now podcaster. As we all know JoF has brought some amazing opportunities my way and for each one I’m grateful. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Howie Dorough (of Backstreet Boy fame), Mandy Moore (who up until last night was the nicest celeb I’d ever met), Dean Cain, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jason David Frank (biggest douche you’ll ever meet), Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman (also super sweet and so gracious to his fans), and the list goes on. I say this, not to brag, but to make the point that I’ve had some pretty awesome experiences in my life. Up until last night doing a panel at comic con and singing in front of Howie ranked as a tie for 1st. I think last night might trump them both.

I love to laugh. A lot. I’m also very picky about my comedy. A lot of comedians go for the cheap laugh I feel. They appeal to the lowest common denominator and I don’t think it’s funny. That’s why I am not a Larry the Cable Guy fan. He seems like a really great guy but I don’t like his brand of humor. I love Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White (when he actually has new material), Jeff Dunham, Gabriel Iglesias, Whitney Cummings, Kathleen Madigan, and Chris D’Elia. By far my favorite though has always been Christopher Titus. He knows how to find funny in a dark place. I don’t always agree with his views (I’m whitey and I DO NOT apologize thank you…none of us were there man) but even the bits I disagree with from a social stand point makes me crack up because he’s so god damn funny. Hell, he bashes Texas and I laugh and we all know I’m one of the proudest Texans and god save anyone that trashes my state. Unless you’re Titus.  I truly believe Titus could take the topics that offend me the most and make me laugh at them…he’s just that damn funny.

Titus currently has 6 comedy specials out. I have 5 (haven’t had a chance to watch the new one yet). I have watched those 5 over and over so many times that I’m sure the views are getting near if not passed 100. I can quote most of the specials. When I have a rough day I turn on “The 5th Annual End of the World Tour”. When an ex pisses me off I watch “Love is Evol”. When I just need to laugh I turn on “Normal Rockwell is Bleeding”. When I feel the need for something with a social commentary I watch “Neverlution”. And when I need to gain some perspective I watch “Voice in my Head”, because the bit on the inner retard is possibly one of the best bits ever written and certainly one I relate to. I tend of have awful insomnia. When that happens often one of his specials relaxes me enough to sleep. Not because it’s boring at all but just because I find something about his storytelling soothing…which I realize is slightly warped in and of itself. This is a fact that has not eluded me. Titus has gotten me though some really rough times in my life through laughter, which truly is the best medicine.

So, when I found out Titus was coming to Austin I was psyched…for like 2 minutes. Obviously I couldn’t afford to go. As I discussed on JoF TV the last several months haven’t exactly been kind to me. A lot of shit went down at my last job which led me to leave the preschool industry for good (little tip to all you people thinking of teaching preschool…the kids are great but the parents suck ass), then shortly after that I ended up in the hospital with pancreatitis and ultimately had to have gallbladder surgery. Of course this couldn’t happen when I was at my last job and had insurance. No, no, no. It had to happen 2 weeks into my new job when I had none. So you can imagine my medical bills. Insanity! So I will be broke for the foreseeable future and thus going to a comedy show was just not in the budget cause they hospital will save your life just so you can pay them for the rest of it.

I was bummed but I accepted it and moved on. Then I noticed a tweet that Titus tweeted saying the first show sold out so they were adding a late show. I tweeted back saying I hoped he’d come back to Austin soon cause I wanted to see him. Then I went back to work cause I need the money and they frown on breaks longer than 15 minutes. I forgot about it. Shit happened at work. I left completely frustrated around 6:30. I headed home, dealt with traffic getting out of Austin, typical everyday shit. I met my mom and dad at Chili’s, had dinner, and figured I’d get home, play some NHL 14 on the PS3 and go to bed. Then on my way home from Chili’s I looked at my phone. Don’t ask me why I opened twitter at that moment, cause it honestly doesn’t make sense since I don’t use twitter that often. But I did and I noticed I had a notification…so I looked at it. Titus’ wife Rachel Bradley had tweeted me saying I was on the guest list for the late show!

My reaction was as follows: read the tweet, freeze, read it two more times to make sure I read it right, realized I did, look at the clock to decide if I can make it to Downtown Austin from Leander in time, decide I can, go home to take care of the pets, rush out, made it to Downtown Austin in record time, got my ticket, and stood there in awe and disbelief while I waited for the doors to open. Then I went in and was in the 6th fucking row…I expected like a back row seat and was just happy to be there but the seat was beyond amazing. To say it was a surreal situation was an understatement.

The show itself was just amazing. Rachel did a quick set to open and she’s pretty good. I enjoyed her set. Titus…well…how do you even put into words a show like that? Awesome just isn’t enough. I’ve seen a couple of comics in person, Jeff Foxworthy long ago and more recently Gabriel Iglesias (few years back…was gonna see him when he was in Austin last year but that is of course when I ended up in the hospital and so I couldn’t go.)  And both of them were amazing. But Titus….he really engages the audience which just makes it so much funnier. He knows how to handle his written material but still localize it and include the audience in such a way it doesn’t feel like it’s a scripted show. It feels like a guy just up on stage telling hilarious stories. It was amazing. Towards the end of the show he said that he’d be in the lobby signing autographs and what not. I knew I had to go thank him in person for the ticket.

I bee lined to the area he was gonna be in so I was near the front of the line. When I got up there I told Rachel who I was and thanked her profusely. She told me she was glad I could make it and then told Titus I was the girl he left the ticket for. I froze. My comedy hero left me a ticket? You wanna talk inner retards…I think mine stroked out about then. So I told Titus thank you and how much his comedy meant to me and how grateful I was to see his show. He said it was sweet and he was glad I made it out and asked if I wanted a picture. Which of course I did. Then I left.

2014 was one of the worst years I have had. I left behind my career in child care, we lost 2 family pets in 1 month (December no less), I ended up at an insane job that makes school very difficult to keep up with, and I ended up in the hospital for the 1st time with a potentially fatal illness that, although I lived through, I’ll be paying for for years to come…and after all that insanity the first month of 2015 one of the coolest things in the world happens to me.

I told my friend Jill I had no words for the level of awesome but because I’m me I’d find some when I blogged about it…I was wrong. For the first time in recent memory…maybe ever…I have no words.

Titus, if you ever happen to read this let me say again how much your comedy has meant to me and even more so how much your kindness meant to me. You are a celebrity. I’m no one. You certainly didn’t have to leave a ticket for a random fan, but you did…and that is a memory I will cherish forever. After going through so much in the past few months for someone to show that kind of kindness, especially someone I idolize so much…words truly cannot express my gratitude. Honestly, from the bottom for my heart, thank you.

Rachel, thank you for your part in this as well. Your tweet completely made my day…quite possibly my year. Loved your show too and hope to see big things from you some day.

So to sum it up, Christopher Titus is officially the nicest celeb I’ve ever met. And if anyone is keeping track Jason David Frank is still the most arrogant douchebag celeb ever (just sayin…)

And tonight I get to meet the Texas Stars after the game. Comedy and hockey all in one weekend. It’s coolness overload! I hope this is a sign for things to come in 2015 cause I could totally use an awesome year!

As always stay tuned to JoF TV. Big things coming for the podcast (can you call it a podcast anymore since we added video?) and for JoF Productions in general I hope.

Much love,